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Business Coaching

Same as a sport coach, business coach is the key person to harmonize and unleash the full potential of your company. Business coaching is based on the true potential of the owner/ leader whom we will assist based on one-on-one methods to find the strength and weaknesses of his individual work style. A tailor made solution based on the results will be implemented and the most important part is that it will be followed on regular basis for a real understanding of the link between the persons mind and events trough the business.

Our coach, will bring a clear light on the cause and effect correlation between the person structure and the results. We will assist each owner/ leader to set there own goals and help them to see the clear path to reach out to those goals. Each person will be focused and responsible on their own out come.

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Team Coaching – In most cases business coaching is utilized by the business owner, but if you have other key employees or partners in your business that are part of the decision process, it may be helpful to help them participate in some or all of your meetings.
  • Business Helpline – The business helpline offeringing is a phone or online service.

Business Consulting

If you are facing particular challenges inside your business and do not know where to start and how to fix them, its is where PHM jumps on board with an International expert team to come and solve the issue for your self and your company health.

With a more technical approach, PHM consultant will find quickly the missing part for your company to achieve greatness and will implement the step-by-step process to fix it in a short period of time.

  • Overall business direction
  • Strategic & Operational Restructuring
  • Food and Beverage
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources Evaluation & Restructuring
  • Sales and Marketing

Project Development & Management

Opening a new business or developing a new concept, our team will support you from the conceptualization of the idea until handing over the keys with the final amazing product. Specializing in F&B and Active lifestyle development concept, we will work different option with the owner/ leader to find the most suitable design to match both the owners and there target market.

Re designing to turning around your business and giving a new fresh direction, our expert eyes will be there to assist on the implementation of the new direction and will follow up to make sure on the consistent implementation for success.

One of the most important part, is the construction of the project and the time frame set to accomplish it. PHM will oversee the construction and modification site to make sure that cost and time frame are fully respected.

  • Food and Beverage
  • Beach Club
  • Active lifestyle

Business Management

You wish to have more time to expand your businesses and to see your family, PHM management services help you focusing on what you do best by taking care of the overall operation of your business and also taking responsibility of all results.

Including proven track record of well managed businesses and ROI increase, PHM is the best solution to have your own brand without the load of taking care of all operation and small details.

  • Resort/ Hotels
  • F&B/ Beach Club
  • Active lifestyle

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