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With over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry, Janick as made is name as specialist in F&B for well known international hotel such as Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah, raffles around the world.

Is love for learning new culture brought him to become CEO of Semara group in Indonesia where he over seen multiple businesses and new project development. Is strength for F&B, financial and health as develop him as a well rounded leader in the hospitality and Wellness industry.

As a very busy person, Janick turned himself into high intensity training and high level diet to help in the process of leading businesses in a high pressure world. After opening is first crossfit gym, he decided to open a second one and had a food production meal company to assist business owners and family parents to balance there life and also get the most of there schedule.

Janick is always very happy to meet knew people all over the world, don’t be shy and reach out to him even if its simply to learn from each other.




Mark’s 30 year career in hospitality started in his childhood home cooking with his mother. This love of food grew early on and led him into the kitchen when he was 13. Inspired by his love of food and the craziness of the restaurant life, he attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America where upon graduation he was drawn to the NYC area to begin his career. This journey led him to running some of the best kitchens in region, including the Starr Restaurant Group for their growing catering division.

His career path included many other roles in the industry, all driving his entrepreneurial passion. His expertise and knowledge brought him to Southeast Asia in the role of VP of Business Development and Operations for the international consultancy firm, CB5 Hospitality Group. This opportunity ignited the love of Indonesia through a variety of projects in Jakarta, including real estate development, restaurant concepts and operational evolution.

Mark’s passion for hospitality eventually led him to the role of Managing Director for Potato Head Family Group. PHFG is an Indonesian hospitality group famous for its beach club, restaurants and hotel. It was during this period that he gained invaluable experience developing dynamic operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and Bali.

Mark looks forward to helping hospitality businesses of all sizes to achieve their vision and exceed their goals. He personally handles all projects and accounts to ensure that OHG delivers on its promises and commitments.


Director – Adventure and Travel

Xavier has being working in the International Global tourism for 20 years. His experience has started as part of the Entertaining team in five stars Hotels in Mexico, followed by Tour Guide and operation manager for most important Receptive tours company in the Caribbean. He then moved to work as a Tour Director in the Eastern part of Canada where after 10 years of Hard labor, discovered that the next step will be to engage his two passions together; Fitness and Tourism. His passions brought him to Bali where He worked as Coach, Host and Operation Manager of the international company Chosen Experiences.

Apart of his experience in Tourism, Xavier has being involved in the fitness industry, working as a Coach in few Crossfit gyms, being part of various trainings giving by Internationally known athletes. Traveling around the world, He has learned how to use his surrounding to train and improve his physical capacity. He believes that everywhere is a good place to get a good work out.

With his passions put together: Wellbeing, Nutrition, Fitness and Tourism, Xavier has become a specialist in those four elements and has hunger to share and help the world to improve their mental and physical health.



Ed is the Founder and Head of Performance & Programming at CFPT. Ed is a former Hong Kong international rugby player, but chose to follow a career in fitness after seeing the benefits of sound strength and conditioning principles, which helped him recover from some major injuries during his playing career. He has always had a natural desire to spread health and fitness, and through the informal coaching of his friends and family, his vision became clear. It was to help others fulfill their lives through fitness.

Ed has always had a drive for exploration and deeper understanding – whatever the topic may be. Since entering the fitness industry, Ed has committed to a journey of personal enrichment by surrounding himself with industry experts world wide. He has completed the Poliquin Level 1 and 2 Strength and Conditioning certifications, and his currently building on his coaching portfolio through the completion of the OPEX level 1 certification. He has also completed a mentorship programme with Eoin Lacey from the Irish Strength institute, and has attended a number of workshops and private seminars, including Olympic Lifting specialists Chad Vaughn, Donny Shankle, Kirksman Teo and Cheryl Haworth, and Gymnastic icons Dave Durante and Ido Portal. Whilst he has had an opportunity to learn from some of the best, Ed still has a burning desire to further his understanding of fitness through assessment, testing, research, programming and more.



As an active person with a background in dance, Stephanie was initially drawn to yoga for it’s physical aspect. Rapidly, she started noticing the benefits on her mind and body. Every class, she felt her tensions and stress diminish. Her mind became much more clear and stable. She knew from that moment that yoga was not just a sport, it was a lifestyle.

Having such a positive impact on her life, she felt the profound desire to share these benefits with others. She decided to go to Rishikesh, India to do a 500 hours teacher training program. During this training, she discovered yoga therapy and instantly knew that this was her calling.

She then cumulated certifications in order to become a recognized yoga therapist.
Upon her return to Canada, she combined her teaching skills and therapeutic approach and founded Yoga Works.

The objective is to give private yoga workshops tailored to people’s needs, level and injuries.
Through her teaching, she integrates the yogic philosophy and gives tools so the students can practice on their own in a safe and knowledgeable way.

Up to now, Yoga Works has know a great success amongst people of all age groups.



Matt blazed the long and difficult trail from a short and skinny kid who rode the bench in every sport to an All-American Lacrosse player with opportunities to play professionally. CrossFit and nutrition were key pieces of this transformation.

Matt discovered CrossFit back in 2006 and earned his CrossFit Level-1 a few years later. This led him to start studying nutrition after it helped him personally have the energy to excel in both college athletics and academics.

He is currently based out of Paradiso CrossFit in Los Angeles, CA and has helped everyone from athletes preparing for the CrossFit Games to overworked CEOs and startup founders achieve their goals through a mix of intelligent training, optimal nutrition, and taking a look at biomarkers to uncover hidden stressors contributing to their state of poor health.

He uses a unique approach to fitness that focuses on realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes based on good science.
You can find more from Matt on the Practical Nutrition Coaching blog, where he simplifies advanced nutrition and movement concepts to deliver bite-sized information and actions that you can take to reach



Even with over ten years in the field of human movement, performance and rehabilitation, Dr Offenburgers story starts long before that.
As a child, he watched his mother suffer greatly from chronic pain after having 5 children.
When he was a young boy he had a traumatic back injury while body surfing. By the time he was in high school his back hurt every day and would lock up weekly.
Going to school to learn how to fix his own pain and those closest to him gave him the drive to finish the coursework for a bachelor in kinesiology, Masters in neuroscience, and Doctorate in Chiropractic while working full time.
While in practice he became very successful educating patients how to get rid of their pain and fixing what caused it. Therefore, never having to see him again.
He knew educating the patient on how to treat themselves was the only real solution that lasted.

He spent years testing different techniques, understandings, and disciplines. Never
being satisfied and always learning, because the way things are now isn’t working.

Working with high level professional athletes, 5x Crossfit Medical team, consulting with complex neurological pain syndromes, failed surgery rehabilitation…. There isn’t much he hasn’t done.

In 2017 he left full time practice to develop and found Hope.Healthcare. His mission is to develop strategies that educate people with real solutions on how to help themselves without the need for a specialist.

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